We are enjoying a little winter vacation, stay tuned for new items coming soon!

About The Bird Walk

Hello all,

My name is Leela Bird, I first created The Bird Walk in 2016 as a way to fundraise for a nursing school internship in India. It became a fundraising success, and I was able to travel to India along with a group of nursing professors and cohorts. We were all challenged, inspired and pushed to learn in ways we never thought possible.

Since then, I have fallen in love with using my jewelry as a means of fundraising and have helped fundraise for some incredible causes for those facing some of life's toughest challenges. Today, The Bird Walk continues to host regular fundraising drives to help other courageous causes and their beneficiaries. 

I live in beautiful Northern California with my sweet husband and our three doggos Abigail, Lady and Teeko. I am a Registered Nurse at the local hospital where I am continuously inspired by my patients, their will to fight and ability to persevere.

The Bird Walk Method is remarkably simple! I measure, cut, hammer and put together each piece by hand in our little garage studio. Due to this process, each item will have slight variations making it unique from the next. 

Thanks for all the love and for checking out The Bird Walk :)

♥ LB